About me

Headquarters In Belgium in the beautiful city of Gent.

I created YOU HOODIE for everyone who loves a comfortable hoodie with a soul for art and self-expression, but also something with humor.

It is a place for everyone, without exception to race, origin and all the rest that separates us as people. This is also the reason why all hoodies are unisex. All in English which is a universal language for everyone

I would like to attract people who would like to create the YOU HOODIE together so they can express themselves and give to the people an impulse to think and act towards our common good.

Therefore prices are as low as possible to reach as many people as possible. 

You will find here many colors and an interesting look at the various things that surround us. Possibility to create your own hoodie and meet many great artists.

I cordially invite you to the website and to the discussion. You want to share something or contribute to the YOU HOODIE community, please write to share your opinion.

All the best